November 6, 2013

FALL back to black

Hey Stylistas!

So there has a been a chill creep'n up on LA, and i am totally loving it! Makes me feel like fall is finally here and I'm ready to whip out the hot cocoa and cozy blankets, wrap myself in scarves and layer up with all my sweaters and jackets!!! Wouldn't hurt if I had a Ryan Gosling to cuddle with every night and if certain things happen, I am not guna complain.  I mean, it is Ryan Gosling. How can things not happen lol.

With the cold breathe of winter coming down on us, I felt inspired to do something layered. I found this killer black faux leather jacket with python textured paneling and I knew I had to just build an outfit around it. I paired it with a black jumpsuit to enhance the femininity of the outfit and layered a chiffon dress to add lightness and soften the outfit. To help add some warmth to the outfit, I incoporated gold jewelry and a pop of color in the shoes.