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Who is the blog by? 
hello my stylistas and stylistos! names Brandon. I'm an aspiring wardrobe/fashion stylist and wanted to create an outlet for myself to inspire other and showcase what I love to do, dress people =] 

Why is this blog called Dressed to Express?
Dressed to Express is a state of mind. It is about being able to use clothing as a tool to express who you are without have it define who you are. It is about feeling good what you put on your body, and how you feel in it.  We are all beautiful creatures and I want this to be a vessel for you to harness that beauty. Whether it be through food, music, make up or clothing, these are all factors and contributors to that help us define who we are. I hope this blog becomes a platform for you to feel inspired to develop your eye for style, and harness your beauty.

Why did you use Express clothes in your earlier post and why don't you use them now?
In my earlier post, that is when I worked for Express. I would just go around the store putting outfits together and have a mini photoshoot in our large fitting rooms with my co-workers and it helped give me a launching point to create this platform. 

***Garments that are used from Express are owned and produced by said company. I do not claim any rights to those garment. I worked as a stylist(fashion expert) for Express, provided links to the website where they could purchase said garments & merely put together outfits to help customers feel confident in what they are wearing***

Do you do personal shopping or styling? 
of course =] it's what I do! if you need an outfit for an event, dinner party, birthday, just holla me and I'll be by your side makin' sure you're killin' it =] 
Any inquiries, feel free to email me at style(at)brandonleelau.com

If you have any feedback or questions about fashion, fit, proportion, or even feedback on my blog, feel free comment below!!!!! =] I love feedback and I appreciate anything you have to say!
         -if you want a little more privacy, feel free to email me anytime at style(at)brandonleelau.com . I'll respond ASAP! =]

questions, comments and feedback?
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