August 27, 2012


Nothing quite like denim to scream Americana to the world. I for one love denim. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! did I mention i love denim? Hi my name is brandon and I'm a denim-holic. 

This outfit is a great transitional ensemble from summer to Winter. I predict denim shirts will be a big trend this fall! I hope, haha Even if its not, it's a great piece to have in your wardrobe, to wear on its own or layer with a leather jacket or even a cozy sweater! 

August 22, 2012

inVEST in style

I swear having no charger is just as worse as no WIFI. gahhhh!  My poor little android has been workin overtime the past week, so im sure its happy it gets some rest. rest my precious!

  I know you can do some serious damage for fashion. honay, I KNOW haha So instead of investing in clothes, invest in your style. Clothes change, trends last as long as i can keep a fish alive, but style is forever.