September 11, 2013

Body color

Hey Stylistas!!!!

I think Bod Con dresses are great, but I feel like there aren't much versatility in them, other then wearing them out to party or party, or party, lol But when I saw this water color ink splatter bod con dress, I swear i could hear angels sing. The neckline makes me swoon,  and the print made me fall in love. It made me rethink how you could work a party dress in your wardrobe. Just wear like Mariah is wear, or throw on a blazer and cute heels for a date night with the boyfriend, or swap out for a leather jacket to rock out and slay the sidewalk with the girls.

For this outfit, I just kept the jewelry simple. I wanted the star to be the dress and the accessories to enhance the outfit. The cuff rings, and heeled sandals added a level of luxury and you come out looking like a sexy, sophisticated rich bitch without looking like you tried to hard by slapping a crapload of bling on. haha. Say no to craploads of bling on your body! You are not a disco ball! especially bling with neon, uggghhhhh i shudder. lol A little sparkle never killed nobody, but don't get crazy =]

anyways, I digress. lol back to outfit. And GO!