July 17, 2012

cute to BOOT!

Oh my jesus, im so happy I get to show you the shoes miss camille bought.  They're killer! 
click the link below to check them out!!!

July 12, 2012

tribal after my own heart

hello you sexy stylistas and stylistos,

My undying love affair with churros is unwavering and I could not imagine my life without having that sweet cinnamon-y stick of goodness, but....BUT my other mistress of dressing/outfitting people could make me consider otherwise. haha riiiiight lol I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU CHURROS! p.s. i love you!

On that note, lol since I've left Express, I have way to much time on my hand. WAY TO MUCH. Goin' bonkers! So a few days ago, my adorable friend, camille, let me raid her closet and dress her up! work camille!

July 3, 2012

Some like it Halt(er)

baby it is gettin hawwwwwwt outside.
I swear i just want to make a full body suit out of ice cream sandwiches and wear it the whole day. That would be ammmazzing!
stay cool and get to eat!