December 28, 2013

Closet Essential | Pom Pom Beanies

Hey Stylistas!

Hope ya'll are having a great holiday season! With Christmas just passing us and New Years on the horizon, I thought I'd post up one of my fave winter accessory of the season.  If you got that extra xmas money or want to exchange that weird top you got, well blow your xmas load and get a pom pom beanie!!!!!

Below I just complied some of my fave pom pom beanies around the web (link below if you like to purchase ) just cause they're the cutest thing on the planet to wear.  Plus it's a double whammy, you look cute and get keep your noggin warm. whaaaaa? Did he just say look cute and be warm. YES I DID, Friend. YES  I DID =] 

haha check them out =]

***I do not own the pictures of the beanies, they are from the respective source name above ***
1. Source Via  Moorea Seal
2. Source Via  ASOS
3. Source Via Topshop
4. Source Via  ASOS
5. Source Via  FarFetch
6. Source Via  Lord & Taylor
7. Source Via Dorothy Perkins
8. Source Via  Wet Seal
9. Source Via  Topshop

You can def find some more beanies out there, but if you got a cute one already
showcase it by hastaging your pic on IG!!!!   
Use #Dressed2express 
Show me and the rest of the world how you stepped up your beanie game this holiday season. You could be featured on my personal and blog IG =]

Stay warm out there and Although it might be butt ass freezing
always be Dressed to Express!


December 9, 2013

Electrifying Chills

Hey Stylistas!

Everytime Grease come on the TV, I can't help but watch it. I gotta be singing with Sandra D,  dance like I'm at the Rydell High Homecoming, experiencing Rizzo's Prego scare, and of course have fun at the carnival. One of my fave scenes has to be when Sandy reveals her makeover by Frenchie. Wearing all black, leather and a red lip painted on. I just can't. lol So this post is on honor of Miss Sandra D transforming into her Bad B*%&H self which always give me Chills, and are always multiplying =]

November 6, 2013

FALL back to black

Hey Stylistas!

So there has a been a chill creep'n up on LA, and i am totally loving it! Makes me feel like fall is finally here and I'm ready to whip out the hot cocoa and cozy blankets, wrap myself in scarves and layer up with all my sweaters and jackets!!! Wouldn't hurt if I had a Ryan Gosling to cuddle with every night and if certain things happen, I am not guna complain.  I mean, it is Ryan Gosling. How can things not happen lol.

With the cold breathe of winter coming down on us, I felt inspired to do something layered. I found this killer black faux leather jacket with python textured paneling and I knew I had to just build an outfit around it. I paired it with a black jumpsuit to enhance the femininity of the outfit and layered a chiffon dress to add lightness and soften the outfit. To help add some warmth to the outfit, I incoporated gold jewelry and a pop of color in the shoes.

September 11, 2013

Body color

Hey Stylistas!!!!

I think Bod Con dresses are great, but I feel like there aren't much versatility in them, other then wearing them out to party or party, or party, lol But when I saw this water color ink splatter bod con dress, I swear i could hear angels sing. The neckline makes me swoon,  and the print made me fall in love. It made me rethink how you could work a party dress in your wardrobe. Just wear like Mariah is wear, or throw on a blazer and cute heels for a date night with the boyfriend, or swap out for a leather jacket to rock out and slay the sidewalk with the girls.

For this outfit, I just kept the jewelry simple. I wanted the star to be the dress and the accessories to enhance the outfit. The cuff rings, and heeled sandals added a level of luxury and you come out looking like a sexy, sophisticated rich bitch without looking like you tried to hard by slapping a crapload of bling on. haha. Say no to craploads of bling on your body! You are not a disco ball! especially bling with neon, uggghhhhh i shudder. lol A little sparkle never killed nobody, but don't get crazy =]

anyways, I digress. lol back to outfit. And GO!

August 29, 2013


hello heat,
 I dont believe I invited you to the party. LA is burning and Jesus it is beyond hot. Nooo, actually its Fot, fuckin hot. lol

Since the weather seems to have decided to be rude and make us sweat, I figured it put this little baby together. I know this def isn't an everyday, go to the market, run your errands kind of outfit, but if you're going to the beach, lake, a music festival, or just to feel all kinds of sexy, rock a crop top with a flowing maxi skirt!


May 14, 2013

Closet Essential | Heeled Sandals

Hey stylistas! 

I'm so happy to announce that this is the 1st entry to a new section of my blog. If you wana to know what you got to have in your closet, the lastest trends, or the hottest items to add to your wardrobe, check out Closet Essentials =]  
oh what?! booyah! haha

So 1st up is one of my lastest shoe obsessions. You need to snag yourself a pair of ankle strap heel sandal!!! I have been seeing these heels all over the fashion blog-o-sphere, magazines & lookbooks. I am obseesed with these and even copped me a pair of the Combo Zara heels for an upcoming post! look out for it =]

They're clean, fresh and a great pair of heels to have for Spring/Summer. It's not clunky, nor heavy and its just a great way to spruce up a Spring/Summer outfit!  I think what is great about it, is also the versatility of the heels. You can wear it with boyfriend jeans rolled up, shorts  or even a well tailored pair of pants. Pair it with a cute skirt or a dress  and you'll be ready slay that sidewalk. Work it out!

Below I put together some heels for you to check out and where you can buy them.

5. Zara Leather Sandal  $79.90 **
6. Mango Fetish sandal  $64.99

** other colors available

***I do not own the pictures of the shoes, they are from the respective source name above ***
1. Source via BCBG   
2. Source via Guess  
3. Source via  Steve Madden 
4. Source via  Zara  
5. Source via  Zara
6. Source via  Mango 
7. Source via  Nordtrom 

If black is is to severe for you or if you just like color, they have great options! 
You can never go wrong with a nude or pick one with color. By wearing one of these, your outfit will look that much more luxe!

1. Sam Edelman Allie Sandal  $129.95**

** other colors available

***I do not own the pictures of the shoes, they are from the respective source name above ***
1. source via  
2. source via  
3. source via  
4.  source via  
5.  source via

I hope you enjoyed my 1st Closet Essential post. =] What do you guys think of these heels? Gotta have or Are you are to cray? sound off and let me know what you think of these heels!

have a great day my stylistas and always
be Dressed to Express =]


April 24, 2013

Green with LOVE

Hey stylistas! 
I have you heard?............the birds the word! bird bird bird! lol just kidding I hope you get my family guy reference. 

Anyways, I did want to say I am loving color this season. I think its a great way to spruce up your wardrobe with your basics and looks great with any neutral garment pieces! Add a splash of color! don't be scared! 

What I am also loving right now is all the cute Skater Dresses! It is a spring MUST HAVE!!!!!!!! Great silhouette for your everyday or a special occasion. This type of dress is crying out to be in your closet. "Come get me!"

It was so fun shooting and styling my friend in this cute green skater dress I bought; pairing it with neutral accessories and shoes. woot!

January 24, 2013

Spikingly Beautiful

hey guys! woot 3rd post in a row! hopefully I can keep this momentum going! But I'd like to introduce to you guys my wonderful and gorgeous model friend Krissy. follow her on IG(Krissykills) =]  I had purchased some clothes for the blog and we'd been trying to get a photo sesh happen, but when I would be free, she would be busy or when she's free, I would be busy. blargh! Finally after weeks of waiting, we were able to find a day we could meet up and boom! magic. I love this outfit, and so far my fave post to date!
 I think I need to stop saying that, because it seems like I say that about every post. haha

January 16, 2013

The Fresh Prince(ss) of LA

"Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down." GIRL POWER! Uh-OH, did I do that? WHOA!". If you know what those references are, then you my friend are a 90's baby and we can totally be friends. lol I have to admit, I love being a 90's baby and see that fashion is totally starting to re-image the trends of my childhood into today's style. LOVE IT! So for this post I wanted to showcase something with a 90's feel and fused it with a streetwear sensibility. I def have to thank my friend Camille(love you boo!) for bearing the cold for me. haha She worked it out and was a champion. 

January 7, 2013

Road to Gold

What what! its a new year! new clothes, fresh style, and more opportunities for dressing to express =] I know I've been a very very bad blogger lately for being M.I.A. and I'm so sorry boo! I would like to give you some fabulous excuse, like I was vacationing for 3 months in Bora Bora with Channing Tatum feeding me chocolate covered strawberries every night, but the super boring reality is, conflicting schedules and just getting caught up in life. I'm just guna go with Bora Bora & Channing Tatum. yes. Channing Tatum.