September 28, 2011

Be inVESTed

I know, I know the fit of the bottom of the pants is way ugly! Im sorry I had to show you this fit-trocity but it was the only picture I had with the shoes (cause it ties in the vest) =[  And you're probably lookin and sayin "dayyyym, isn't that the same top from the last work outfit? "

I dont care! I LOVE THIS TOP!!! lol  Im showing you versatility......yes versatility =] haha
 Break up that mundane office attire and have fun by mix suit seperates!  The trick is always make it look intentional and that you didnt just wake up late and slapped some clothes on.  Color is  one of the easiest tricks to pull off mixed sepereates. Always pick colors that compliment or work well with each other. This idea is great for guys too.  mmmmMMMMmmmmm if there aint anything sexier then a guy in a suit, is a guy who know how to dress and can mix suiting seperates.