September 9, 2014

Into the woods

Hey Stylistas and stylistos!

Fall has officially began and I wanted to put together an outfit that's transitional. 
The pants offer coverage, but is a light fabric so it won't make you sweat in the heat. The top is sleeveless with a mesh yoke to help keep you cool during those warm afternoons, but you can throw on an coat or a blazer and you'll be ready for that fall chill. 

Wearing white and black is a huge trend right now! but I thought I'd something different, and pair this black top with a soft grey. it offers contrast and lightness to the outfit without looking like a penguin or sham-mu. Cause let's face it, sham-mu is awesome, but don't mean you want to look like a killer whale. lol I didn't put to much jewelry on Mariah. Kept it clean, simple and let the sunglasses take center stage.  I am OBSESSED with round framed glasses and sunglasses.
Check out the pics below!