September 4, 2012

I dream of bolos

I just can't help but love a good bolo. I mean come on, it's a BOLO! Even the word is fun to say, bolo...bolo. haha and I know it can look pretty ho-key pretty fast, like you just came from seeing bobby ray at the bull riding competition, but like all things, its how you style it and the confidence you radiate while wearing it.

Since its not like you can just get a bolo at your local H&M or Michael Kors,why not create the same effect with a great necklace!
And this can be done with all types of necklaces, just button up your shirt all the way, and just wear the piece under the collar. If you have a bigger collar, you can wear chunkier necklaces. 
BOOM! magic! haha

August 27, 2012


Nothing quite like denim to scream Americana to the world. I for one love denim. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! did I mention i love denim? Hi my name is brandon and I'm a denim-holic. 

This outfit is a great transitional ensemble from summer to Winter. I predict denim shirts will be a big trend this fall! I hope, haha Even if its not, it's a great piece to have in your wardrobe, to wear on its own or layer with a leather jacket or even a cozy sweater! 

August 22, 2012

inVEST in style

I swear having no charger is just as worse as no WIFI. gahhhh!  My poor little android has been workin overtime the past week, so im sure its happy it gets some rest. rest my precious!

  I know you can do some serious damage for fashion. honay, I KNOW haha So instead of investing in clothes, invest in your style. Clothes change, trends last as long as i can keep a fish alive, but style is forever. 

July 17, 2012

cute to BOOT!

Oh my jesus, im so happy I get to show you the shoes miss camille bought.  They're killer! 
click the link below to check them out!!!

July 12, 2012

tribal after my own heart

hello you sexy stylistas and stylistos,

My undying love affair with churros is unwavering and I could not imagine my life without having that sweet cinnamon-y stick of goodness, but....BUT my other mistress of dressing/outfitting people could make me consider otherwise. haha riiiiight lol I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU CHURROS! p.s. i love you!

On that note, lol since I've left Express, I have way to much time on my hand. WAY TO MUCH. Goin' bonkers! So a few days ago, my adorable friend, camille, let me raid her closet and dress her up! work camille!

July 3, 2012

Some like it Halt(er)

baby it is gettin hawwwwwwt outside.
I swear i just want to make a full body suit out of ice cream sandwiches and wear it the whole day. That would be ammmazzing!
stay cool and get to eat!

February 3, 2012

Turn up the volume

God i know i keep sayin it, but this is by far my fave outfit. haha  I just love the contrast of the fitted long pencil skirt, with the voluminous patterned blouse. Quite savage in my book. rwaaar! 

February 1, 2012

giving winter the short end of the stick

I'm so ready for spring!
Mostly just cause that means my birthday is coming up and it give me good reason to buy myself new clothes without guilt.  Well, it's never stopped me before and my closet will be proof of that. haha
 So for Spring, its all about color =] Bringing some winter basics and mixing it up with Summer silhouettes!

January 30, 2012

knocked down, but never defeated

UGH, sometime life just knows how to rams its ugly face right down my throat and you just can't help but take in all of its ugliness. So, I bought something pretty to make up for it =]  here is a little sneak peak for an upcoming outfit =]

I'm so sorry I've been M.I.A you guys! Its just been rough, and at one point I thought I would have to close this down. The thought of not being able to continue blogging and sharing outfits devastated me and I just had no idea what I should do. It took a hot second for me to get my footing again, but I won't let anyone prevent my from letting my dreams materialize. This is what I'm meant to do and I know this blog will allow me to bring my goals into fruition.

I hope you guys are having a spectacular week and that you guys are keepin strong to your resolutions! DONT GIVE UP!!!!!! GET IT!

stay stylish and
always be dressed to Express =]

January 17, 2012

Quite Beach'n

 Someone, take me to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
my poofy, thoroughly hairsprayed hawke is longing to feel the gentle breeeze from the sea. *whoosh* *whooosh* 
haha how sad is that? that i'm willin to make wind sounds haha
I guess if i cant be there, then I might as well as my dress my friend like it. lol


January 7, 2012

jump into the night

new month, new outfit!
I wasn't planning on doing a jumper, and originally picked this out as a back up, or just as an extra outfit to do, but I am just LIVING for this. The other one left me uninspired and I felt nothing when I was editing the film, so you may or may not see that one  haha.

also I've included something new in this post so def continue reading to find out what it is!!!!