December 9, 2013

Electrifying Chills

Hey Stylistas!

Everytime Grease come on the TV, I can't help but watch it. I gotta be singing with Sandra D,  dance like I'm at the Rydell High Homecoming, experiencing Rizzo's Prego scare, and of course have fun at the carnival. One of my fave scenes has to be when Sandy reveals her makeover by Frenchie. Wearing all black, leather and a red lip painted on. I just can't. lol So this post is on honor of Miss Sandra D transforming into her Bad B*%&H self which always give me Chills, and are always multiplying =]

Faux leather jacket with faux python panels  |  ANGL
black short sleeve crop top  |  Express
Faux Leather leggings  |  ANGL
Gold plate wedge  |  Jeffery Campbell
Gold Chain necklace  |  PacSun
Silver chain necklace  |  PacSun
King of the jungle medallion necklace  |  CoCo boutique

 The leather jacket is actually from the previous post. I just loved the jacket and wanted to showcase it another way. I think Every girl needs some kind of leather jacket. It doesn't have to be a real leather, cause I know that ish can be a pretty penny, but getting faux leather jacket would be a perfect addition to your wardrobe =]

Show me how you do in your leather and how you express yourself  =] hashtag it up!!!!!
You could get featured on my twitter or IG =]

Stay warm out there and although its butt ass freezing,
always be dressed to express =]


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