September 9, 2014

Into the woods

Hey Stylistas and stylistos!

Fall has officially began and I wanted to put together an outfit that's transitional. 
The pants offer coverage, but is a light fabric so it won't make you sweat in the heat. The top is sleeveless with a mesh yoke to help keep you cool during those warm afternoons, but you can throw on an coat or a blazer and you'll be ready for that fall chill. 

Wearing white and black is a huge trend right now! but I thought I'd something different, and pair this black top with a soft grey. it offers contrast and lightness to the outfit without looking like a penguin or sham-mu. Cause let's face it, sham-mu is awesome, but don't mean you want to look like a killer whale. lol I didn't put to much jewelry on Mariah. Kept it clean, simple and let the sunglasses take center stage.  I am OBSESSED with round framed glasses and sunglasses.
Check out the pics below!

Sunglasses | Papaya
Turquoise  Silver Earrings | Aldo
Collared Mesh Panel Top | Urban Outfitter
Grey Skinny Pant | boutique
Asymmetrical Suede Leather High Heel | Zara

I know her hair looks different in that last photo, but the rubber band broke and we just messed around with her hair, and I just loved the photo toooooo much to not post it. lol

I had such a great time shooting Mariah again (follow her on IG @imShotta) and having my awesome friend Rich D (follow him on IG @radCoast) as photographer! They are awesome and amazing people!!!!

So since we are in the midst of fall, how are you gearing up for fall and how have you rocked the black and white trend?

Use #dressed2Express and show me how you rock your black and white or your killer shades!!!!
I wana see how you're Dressed to Express =]

Hope you guys have a killer day and have fun!!!!
Just remember to be always
Dressed to Express =]

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