January 17, 2012

Quite Beach'n

 Someone, take me to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
my poofy, thoroughly hairsprayed hawke is longing to feel the gentle breeeze from the sea. *whoosh* *whooosh* 
haha how sad is that? that i'm willin to make wind sounds haha
I guess if i cant be there, then I might as well as my dress my friend like it. lol


three row round metal tag necklace | N\O
monochromatic swirl resin bangle | N\O
shoes | forever 21
rhinestone stretch ring | forever21

So I love this chiffon maxi skirt! I love the ease and how it moves as you walk. I really wish I did a style video for this outfit too, it would have been gorg!!!!! The trick with maxi skirts, is to make sure it doesn't make you appear shorter then you really are. Two ways to work around that is to wear heels/wedges =]  OR tuck in your shirt and raise the band higher(possibly the smallest part of your waist) and belt it. That way it give the illusion of a long leg.  GORL! its all bout the legs, GORL! lol
I'm just living for the bracelets too, especially the resin bangles....yes please!

well i'm off to bed so that i can dream about the sexy man whos guna take that long walk on the beach with me =] haha

stay stylish kids and always 
be dressed to Express =]

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