February 1, 2012

giving winter the short end of the stick

I'm so ready for spring!
Mostly just cause that means my birthday is coming up and it give me good reason to buy myself new clothes without guilt.  Well, it's never stopped me before and my closet will be proof of that. haha
 So for Spring, its all about color =] Bringing some winter basics and mixing it up with Summer silhouettes!

braided leather bracelet | ASOS
wood beaded circle pendant necklace | Express

unfortunately no video this time! My forgetful self didnt remember to shoot some footage. I swear I would forget my legs if I didnt need them to walk. lol

yay for sweaters! I love sweaters, I have like a bagillion and could have a quadra-triple-deca-gillion more if i could! They make great layering piece, and are versatile in your existing wardrobe and since Spring is coming, its the best time to wear them!!! Not to cold, not to hott.
Tell me, What are some of your fave sweaters to wear?

Well I'm off, guna go hiking and work ze boodie ooot and get muscle to get zee bois! haha

Hope you're all having a kick ass week!
stay stylish and always
be dressed to Express =]

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