February 3, 2012

Turn up the volume

God i know i keep sayin it, but this is by far my fave outfit. haha  I just love the contrast of the fitted long pencil skirt, with the voluminous patterned blouse. Quite savage in my book. rwaaar! 

filigree stone disc drop earrings | ASOS
leather & wood platform heels | MIU MIU

So this is probably guna be the last post in awhile. There have been changes at my store,  and its best that i tred lightly. I gotta say that it really bummed me out and that's why i went MIA for a bit. I had no idea how i was goin to continue this blog or what I was goin to do since I saw this as a means for me to jump start the career I long for.  But no one knows what is in store for me, and I will not let this stop me from pursuing my aspirations. As a goodbye, i decided to have one last shoot and I'm so glad i did. I am absolutely in love with this outfit.

For girls that are shorter then 5'5" dont think you wont be able to wear a skirt like that. My friend who is in this picture is around 5'2" and she pulls this off quite well and make her look taller. The key to pencil skirts or any skirts for that matter is about elongating your legs. You can do so by either raising the waist band, and most importantly playing with the hem line so that it can help create that appearance of a longer leg. If it's to long, take it up. Even a 1/4" up could make a world of difference. NOT ONE SKIRT WILL FIT EVERYONE THE SAME!!!!!! So to get the best fit, you must tailor to your body.

I hope you guys enjoyed this fit, cause there will be more comin soon! I have no clue when haha but they will come! =] 

stay stylish and always 
be dressed to Express!

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