August 22, 2012

inVEST in style

I swear having no charger is just as worse as no WIFI. gahhhh!  My poor little android has been workin overtime the past week, so im sure its happy it gets some rest. rest my precious!

  I know you can do some serious damage for fashion. honay, I KNOW haha So instead of investing in clothes, invest in your style. Clothes change, trends last as long as i can keep a fish alive, but style is forever. 

denim vest | Forever21
striped tank | Foreign Exchange
burnt fuchsia floral brooch |  Michaels
cream bandage skirt | Forever21
brown braided belt | Aldo
bracelet | Aldo
gold trim onyx earrings | Aldo
leather weave strapped wedges | Aldo

I know we all aspire to wear Chanel, McQueen, Tom Ford, but if it's not within your means, it doesn't mean you cant have style. Style is you. How you put together your look, to the accessories you wear and above all, the confidence.

There is so many avenues of fashion you can dive into to help create your sense of style! follow blogs(like me =] haha) or check out street style in your area, what people are wearing out and about, are you a vintage girl? more of a glam goddess? rocker chick? so many ways to help define you! So go out there, try on clothes, and see what you like the best =] If you're guna splurge, by all means, but do it on garments that have versatility and is a staple piece in your wardrobe (like a great blazer, or coat). With stores like H&M, Forever21, Foreign Exchange and all these other stores, you can find great pieces that are on trend, keep you in the fashion dialog and have you looking stylish without hurting your pockets!
don be scured =] and if you don't know, ask for help! I'm always available for questions =]

for the floral brooch, i just bought a big ass flower from Michaels ( craft store), cute the stem off, added some safety pins and wham! BAM! thank you maam, instant brooch =] 

hope yall are having a kick ass week! always...
stay stylish and be 
dressed to Express =]


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