August 27, 2012


Nothing quite like denim to scream Americana to the world. I for one love denim. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! did I mention i love denim? Hi my name is brandon and I'm a denim-holic. 

This outfit is a great transitional ensemble from summer to Winter. I predict denim shirts will be a big trend this fall! I hope, haha Even if its not, it's a great piece to have in your wardrobe, to wear on its own or layer with a leather jacket or even a cozy sweater! 

denim military button-up | Forever21
white jeggings | Levi
weaved leather strapped heels | Aldo
kaleidoscope wayfarers | vintage RayBan
gold bangles | Aldo
minnie mouse ring | Gift

Anytime you want to make your outfit a bit more luxe, just add some gold, BOOM! insta-luxe! *heavenly singing*

And you're probably wondering, what?! a denim shirt with denim pants?! that ungodly!!!!*gasp*
I am here to tell you my friends, it is ok!  The key is contrast, whether it be color(like above =] ) or in saturation (as in light against dark, vise versa).  SO ROCK OUT WITH YOU DENIM OUT...... I mean on lol

How do you guys rock your denim? 
love to see and hear how you style it =]

Hope you guys have a kick ass day! 
stay stylish and always be
dressed to express!


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