August 4, 2014


Hey Stylistas and Stylistos!

It's hard to believe it's almost fall when this scorching heatwave in LA is leaving me wanting to lay in the sand by the crashing waves with a beer in hand and Joe Mangianello fanning can only dream right?!  Although I can't be in paradise, I can at least bring the tropics to you and I found this killer tropical print blazer cape at NastyGal and I just knew I had to get it! If there is anything you need to include in your closet now, is a blazer cape! its a great twist on a blazer, gives you the tailored look without feeling so confined. It also gives you a fun new silhouette to play with!

Tropic Cape Blazer  |  NastyGal
Grey waffle knit turtleneck crop  |  Foreign Exchange
White Midi Pencil Skirt  |  Windsor
Grey Heels  |  Shoemint
Silver Ring cuffs  |  H&M
Clear resin cuff with Silver plate  |  NastyGal

Would you ever rock a blazer cape? did I convince you enough to add one to your closet?! lol  I wanted to make sure I didn't overwhelm the eyes, so I put her a white pencil midi skirt and a grey top to break up the the white and enhanced the outfit with Silver jewelry, as appose to gold( which would take away from the blazer). Even if you don't get a blazer cape, you can always opt for the white and grey color scheme for a great summer outfit!  Wearing all white is a great summer trend, but sometimes its hard, so breaking up the white with a splash of grey just helps keep that minimal, clean and fresh look, without having to wear all white haha.

well I hope you guys enjoy the post!  I really love how Mariah came out in this photos!!! If you get a chance, follow her @imshotta on IG!!!!!!She is a beauty inside and out!!!! Thanks to my photog, Rich D! Go follow him @rad_coast on IG as well!  He's a rad dude =)

Have a killer day out there and remember to be
always Dressed to Express!

also use #Dressed2Express and show me your fave summer outfits you've rocked!!!! I wana see how you do summer =] 

Side note(you can skip this if you dont feel like reading more lol)
I'm so sorry I'm posting so late in the year!!!!!! After I had promised to be better, I dont blog for 8 months!! FAIL! lol  I would have been able to post 2 months ago, but my car got broken into and I had unwillingly made a charitable donation to the city of Oakland with my camera (karma is a mega bitch *cough cough cough*). Thank you city of oakland. Thank you. Not only did I lose my camera, my friend getting her purse stolen (thankfully none of her cards since it was in a clutch she was carrying), but a hefty $400 repair cost for my rear window and a side window just was the salt in the wound. Just an unnerving feeling of being violated, and someone breaking into your personal space but I'm just blessed I still had the car to drive back from Oakland to LA and those people who stole must be in a far worse position then I am. I can only be thankful it was not worse. As crazy of a situation that was, I come back fighting  and made an inpromptu trip a back up to do the shoot I had planned for myself earlier in the year and I'm so happy to show you guys! I'm so fortunate to have people believe in what I do, and I have to give so much thanks to my friends  =] thank you!

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