September 30, 2011

Christmas in September

 Im only like what 6 outfits deep & daym this BY FAR has to be my fave & I absolutely love this outfit... haha When I was doing my photographer thing, everything was clicking and i just love how the photos came out and how nichole looked. best photo sesh by far!

anyways, I'm not a fan of christmas sweaters and sometimes they're pretty tacky. Thankfully I've never recieved one, 1 pt for being asian!  but when I saw this in my store, I was a chubby kid passing by a cupcake store. I stopped in my tracks and you could see the googly eyes. It just drew me in and next thing i knew i was holding it, rubbing it, and falling beside myself.  I think why i love this sweater is cause its very graphical and plays with shapes,lines and geometry.  If christmas sweaters can be like this, can we have christmas all the time....imagine all the presents...of clothes yay!

Legs girl, legs
the wedges are back =] gahhhh idk why but i think wedges are a super chic and sexy alternative to a heel.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  anyways i wanted to talk about jeggings.  Never have them too bunchy or gather to much at your ankle  cause other wise it looks like you just bought pants that were too long on your and chops your legs at your ankles and doesnt elongate your leg (like b).

a little bunch s ok, but at a minimum. You want it to accentuate the length of your leg, not shorten it.  You want it to look as streamline  as possible.

the south

When you buy pants, of all the places it best be fitting is the crotch. I don't want to be lookin at yo camel toe, or the baby crotch that's forming down in your netherlands, flat and smooth it shall be. You want them to lay smooth and flat(like the 1st pic) and not like the 2nd picture.  
Pulling=to tight
bunching & baby crotch = to big
camel toe=possibly to small, its riding up and your vag is eating your pants
say no to hungry genitals!!!!

kids, stay stylish and always be dressed to Express =]


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  1. i lovelovelove that sweater! it does looks really cozy. and i love wedges, so this outfit is just ah-mazing!

    and who is your model? she is so pretty!