September 20, 2011


wana be this girl, but cant really cause your a different person but want to wear the clothes? click the link below or come to my store =]

I gagged when I saw this top and I knew I had to make this my 1st outfit for the blog.  I love the loose casual nature of the top  and offer some contrast by pairing it with a fitted tailored pant.  And today I just saw it in a current(deep purple), I was about to faint. Well not literally cause I dont faint, but I am OBSESSED with desaturated and as well as dark, rich purple, OBSESSED I tell ya!

I know this outfit wouldn't work for everyone workplace but the colors would be a great inspiration for you're office. A soft muted pink with dark navy suit and to add  more depth to the outfit gold accessories.....  and just throw on a matching dark navy blazer...SAVAGE!  you'll be the SAVAGEST  beezy in the workplace. 

If you want to be a well polished savageness,  look for a pair of pants that offer the best fit for your body type.

3 things to look for;
  • is the cut offering the right proportion for  your body type 
                flares/boot: cuts is a great fit, if you have a slender body it gives shape, if you have a curvy body its a great silhouette to offer balance in
                barely boot:great if you still want to offer a balanced proportion, but dont want the severe flare or boot cut.
                Straight leg: can make you look like you have legs for days for the right body type

  • Length
TOO LONG! shortens you and doesnt elongate your legs

 It should rest on the mid point of your foot for best fit so that there is no bunching or bagginess

TOO HIGH! just looks ill fitting. Ankle length would be best on skinny pants or more tapered bottom not on boots/flares or barely boots. 

  • how it fits around your hips/waist
                 Don't have it pull in the crotch
                 Doesn't give you a drupy butt or a Moose butt!
                 Muffin tops are yummy, but not above your pants

I hope this help guys =]  Tell me what you guys think about the outfit!  and BOYS! i'd never neglect you =p lol post comin up for the gents soon

stay stylish and always be dressed to EXPRESS.


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  1. love the bracelets and the shoes! this would def be a chic option for the office! good tips on the pants too!=]