September 21, 2011

The Outfit: black and gold

 Pleated front wrap maxi skirt | 8212835 |    stretch contour belt | 0722074 |    faceted gem stretch bracelet | 0500328 |     Coin charm bracelet (in store only left) | 0500630 |    Zebra enamel hinge bracelet(true white) | 0500585 |   pearl bead stretch bracelet | 0500459 |    Suede open toe wedge | 9871184 |

oh my daym, get outta chinatown,  
 Can you believe this black dress is a black maxi skirt too???!

picture from

This week's outfit of the week is way cuter as a dress huh?? Id also throw on a nice chunky thick cocoon sweater  with 3/4 sleeve. how cute would that be?! daym, well if i was a girl, that's how id keep it fresh lol  I absolutely love the concave slit; it softens the garment and alleviates the heaviness that comes from the color & length.

This garment is inately casual, and on the days you just wana look "BAM" SAVAGE!,  elevate it by picking accessories that can do so.  Layering your jewelry is a great way to go from ho-hom lets go to the park girl, im daym cuuute! So to enhance the garment I paired it with a mix of a chain bracelet, jeweled bracelets and patterned hinge bracelet & to pick up the gold in the bracelets, my friend(Lang)  added the gold contour belt.  Shoes also set the  tone for your outfits so  I picked these neutral suede wedges. If they were darker, it might make the outfit to heavy/dark, or if you went lighter, it may clash with the gold.  If you want jazzercize this up, some turquoise(or royal blue) pumps would be killer cause its def compliments gold & black.

til the next outfit.  stay stylish and always be Dressed to EXPRESS =]



  1. Def a versatile piece! i want oneee! hint hint! ;P early christmas gift kekeke? thanks!=D

  2. seriously me too!
    but for us that are fashionably challenged...what is a cocoon sweater??

  3. cocoon sweater wraps around your body that can mimic the coziness of a cocoon. It has a rounded hem that goes seamless from collar to waist.

    =] hope this helps