December 19, 2011

sweater & spice, And everything nice

cable knit rib sweater | 8267024   |   3 tiered sequin mini skirt | 7372765   |   push lock metallic clutch | 9804031   |   
graphic foiled infinity scarf | N/O(not online)

shoes | Red or Dead

just cause its winter doesnt mean you gotta look frumpy dumpy and be a whole lotta  grumpy!  I thought a great way to play with your sweaters is to dress it up a bit with a statement skirt.  And since the color palette of the garments are neutral, I spiced it up with burnt orange, & hues of pink accessories to add some contrast and bring a little warmth to the outfit. can't wait to hear your feedback on this fresh fit!

i'm such a bad blogger, its almost christmas and this is my 1st outfit of the month?! wow. lol total failure on my part! but how can you hate me though?! =p  If i could give you guys 1000 hugs to make up for it, I totally would, and if you're a cutie with a bootie, i just might have to hug you a bit longer *wink wink* lol ewwww just kidding, well not really but, i am lol

and on that note, have a good day!
stay stylish and always be
dressed to Express!


++Don't forget to email me those pics of you lookin like the baddest bitch in the land! check out the Curb apparel post for all the details and where to email! you can win a fantastic FREE prize =] ++

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