November 21, 2011

mesh'n with you

mesh stitch yarh sweater | 9603878   |   long sleeve cable knit sweater(white) | 8267024   |   2 1/2" cuff satin shorts(stone) | 9176967   |
charm hoop long pendant necklace | 0262347   |   status link enamel hinge bracelet | 0500587   |   zebra enamel hinge bracelet | 0500585   |
hammered metal bangles | 0500440 

shoes | bakers

hey whats up =]
holy bananas I cant believe its the end of november...... and thank freakin god that black friday is over now. Although I must say, this year the customers have been super nice and talkative, lol and very simpathetic about my midnight start time. Customers are so much like mexican food, when its good, ITS FREAKIN GOOOOOOD. When its bad, my face is plastered with a fake smile and try to push through it. lol . PS i love mexican food, so if anyone would like to send me some, I'll greatly take it off your hands and feed it to my very non-asian stomach.

anyways so about
Unique layering is a rising trend and a great way to play with what you already have in your closet =] Just like mixing patterns, you just have to play around and see what looks great. you can play with the stitching, color contrast, play with different necklines,thickness of fabric, and  also contrasting the silhouette is a great way to build your eye for layering.

If you would like to submit a pic of your favorite layered outfit(or any fave fit) email me at:
 i'd love to see how you guys layer it up =]

so mix your wardrobe up, layer your clothes so that you can
stay stylish and always be dressed to Express =]

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