July 3, 2012

Some like it Halt(er)

baby it is gettin hawwwwwwt outside.
I swear i just want to make a full body suit out of ice cream sandwiches and wear it the whole day. That would be ammmazzing!
stay cool and get to eat!

halter | tobi.com
leggings | Nordstrom
shoes | Kimchi Blue
emerald cut gemstone ring | clouded
silver ring | N/A (found in theater)
crystal inlayed chain bracelet | j. crew
wood bangle | hand crafted
gold & purple lace resin bangle |  forever 21
vintage double band bangle | downtown LA
earrings | Nordstrom

When i buy clothes for my friends, I like to buy them something that they probably wouldn't get for themselves but something I can totally picture them in. When i saw this halter, I immediately knew i had to get this for my friend Nichole( my model =] ).
 Especially since its starting to swelter here in SoCal, this halter is perfect for the season.  If you're looking for an alternative to tanks, or bandeaus, try a cute halter top with some jeggings, leggings, or some cute shorts! 
Thanks to my sister for letting me use her jewelry for this shoot. If you have time, check out her blog =]

well my gorgeous stylistas and stylistos,
I hope you guys have an amazing day!
stay stylish and always be
dressed to Express =]


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