July 17, 2012

cute to BOOT!

Oh my jesus, im so happy I get to show you the shoes miss camille bought.  They're killer! 
click the link below to check them out!!!

 deep-V exposed back button up  |  Foreign Exchange
black bandeau | American Apperal
denim shorts | Forever 21
shoes | Republic of LA
rings | Aldo
gold Paris necklace |  Claire's
gold feather necklace | Aldo

Are those shoes not amazing?! killa killa! 
I know i know, some people may not care or may be even like them, but that's the great thing about style! What floats one persons boat, may not for someone else. It's about having the confidence in what you are wearing and using clothes to shape how people perceive you. Fashion isn't always about having labels, or having designer garbs, but about showing the best version of you =] 

I hope you guys have a wonderful day and I hope this outfit inspires you to be a little daring and try something quirky or something not in your comfort zone. 

stay stylish  kids and always be
dressed to Express =]


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