January 24, 2013

Spikingly Beautiful

hey guys! woot 3rd post in a row! hopefully I can keep this momentum going! But I'd like to introduce to you guys my wonderful and gorgeous model friend Krissy. follow her on IG(Krissykills) =]  I had purchased some clothes for the blog and we'd been trying to get a photo sesh happen, but when I would be free, she would be busy or when she's free, I would be busy. blargh! Finally after weeks of waiting, we were able to find a day we could meet up and boom! magic. I love this outfit, and so far my fave post to date!
 I think I need to stop saying that, because it seems like I say that about every post. haha

 shoulder quill sweater | tobi
dotted lace skirt | tobi
turquoise heels | reflections
clutch | Street Level 

It was love at 1st sight when I saw this sweater on tobi.com. My mouth was saying, "oh that's cute", but my mind was was screaming, "I WANT FOR BLOG! WANT!!!!!!!GET IT!!!!!!" but I waited to long and what happened?! It SOLD OUT! smh lol. Of course it would sell it, but the fashion goddess must have looked down upon me and said to herself, "Brandon, you shall have that sweater, and you will have it on your blog" And a few weeks later, they restocked it and I bought. what what?! 

What I love about this outfit is its silhouette, and the contrast in tone of the garments. The sweater plays with your edgy side, while the cute endearing quality of the skirt balances well with the sweater. The pronounced band in the skirt helps create and enhance your hour glass. You want to find the smallest part of your your mid-section and that is where you want to have the band, belt or accessory to help enhance your curvaceous silhouette. Although the outfit had great detail in the shoulder and the lace skirt, it needed some color, so I added some teal/turquoise heels that provided some much needed vibrancy to the outfit!

Here's some candid behind the scenes pics. It was chilly so I had a cozy blanket on deck for her in between shooting. lol

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit! 
Have an amazing day and remember to stay stylish and always be
Dressed to express!

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