October 21, 2011


 I am absolutely in love with this necklace.  Sometimes I envy girls with the variety of accessories you gals have. ugh totally jelly! lol also the leopard wedges! total sexy alternative to any heels. I figured since this outfit is all dark, it needed a pop of something, and these wedges makes her look like a bad @$$ mother what????

anyways I am starting a new category where I pick the reader of the week thats lookin fresh, bad, cute, savage and showing how you are dressed to Express. It doesnt matter where you bought it, as long as you lookin bad, I wana see it. If i like what you're wearing, I'll feature you as the reader of the week =] so email me your outfit guys & gals!!!!!! Show me your bad self! 

  so email me those pics my expressoholics =] 
and remember always stay stylish and be dressed to Express!


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