October 18, 2011

Some things are better Black & White

So I was watching Sex and the City, and it was the episode where Carrie began writing at Vogue and there was this particular outfit that just screamed at me. She wore a periwinkle tailored blazer layered with this white big chunky beaded multi-strand necklace. The seconded I saw that, WhAMBAM!! Our white blazer with our drapped neck sweater slapped me in the face, this will be my next outfit!!!!!! I absolutely love the contrast of tailoring and soft drapped with the subtle hint of jewerly.

This def can read more mature, but I just think it screams professionally chic. There are two things that I am obsessed with right now, well im sure there's more but right now, wedges & ankle length pants and t-length skirts. Well thats actually 3, so scratch that, three things im obsesses with.

Ankle length  can very easily read steve urkel, but its all about the fit! The length might be old school but the fit must be modern(tapered leg). This could be easily translated to other graments that may be vintage or outdated, just make the fit and proportions modern =] To be honest, if i could, I would have taken the length in like 1/4" so that it sits just at her ankle but the length doesnt bother me that much.

What do you guys think of this fit? What would you layer with a blazer? 
***Don't forget guys, send me pics of you in your fave outfit and you can be the reader of the week! 
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time for me to get ready for work, buuuut
stay stylish and always be dressed to Express! =]

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