October 24, 2011


embellished graphic tank | 3756682   |   extreme stretch stella jean legging | 7154608   |   luster tweed lace racerback vest | 6973785   |   
two tone fringe pendant necklace | 0262342   |   suede open town wedges(natural) | 9871184

 Happy monday everyone! I hope you guys are having a good start to your week!

This weeks fresh fit, i love the mix of textures and pattern. Anytime you mix patterns or textures, play with the angles and size of the pattern. Never have them the same size or width(of the patterns) otherwise they can clash with each other and then you look like a hott ass mess, lookin all wonky. 
Always contrast patterns, so larger pattern with a smaller pattern, busy pattern with a neutral pattern, horizontal with angular or vertical patterns.  Its all about mixing and playing with your patterns. You have to be willing to take risks to figure out what works.  Another tip is to use color as means to unify the patterns and your outfit together =]

I hope this little blurb  about pattern mixing helps a little =]  Hope you guys have a great day!

Dont forget to email me those pictures!!!! 
I think i've nailed down a couple of names for this new category;
Your Closet
readers' swag
curb apparel

any suggestions?

well i need to get ready, guna get ready to do a photo sesh and have lunch with some delightful friends.

always stay stylish and be dressed to Express!

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