October 13, 2011

Vegas chic

 zig zag banded mini skirt(grey) | in-store left    |   sequin front shirttail tank | 6446673   |   mixed textured envelope wristlet | in-store left   |   

hey ladies,
So the past couple of months I've had tons of girls come in lookin for outfits for Vegas or just goin out with their girlfriends and I love it cause i get to make them look like baddest chicks  to have EVAH stepped in the club. boys be checkin them out and the girls be tryin to jock her style.

So i just outfitted nichole in something simple, comfortable and keep you cool in the sweltering club.  With every outfit, you want to wear a statement piece, whether it be jewelry or garment. In this case the statement piece is the sequin tank and all the corresponding pieces need to be secondary and compliment it. So to contrast with the flashy top, I gave her a nice simple mini skirt so that it compliments and dresses up the tank, so that it doesn't overpower it. Even if you wore the tank with sme solid wash jeggings,  it would be a killer outfit as well. The jewelry I wanted kept to a minimum because of the sheer amount of sparkle the tank had, so I just gave her some  silver bracelets(to pick up the silver in the tank and compliment the skirt) and just wear some stud earrings. Lastly, to tie everything together I put some black heels and a black clutch with a silver metal clasp.

hope you guys like =] What would you wear to a club if you could go to vegas right now??
send me pictures of your fave outfit that you would wear to work it out on the dance floor and you could be one of the featured outfit of the week: readers edition!!!!!  email is to the right =]

well its time for to go, but....

stay stylish and always be dressed to Express kids! =]


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  1. cuteee! a black skirt would look really nice too! Good idea mixing the silver bracelets to pick up the silver sequins! The stacked bracelets are cutee tooo!