November 9, 2011

aBANDonED inhibition,SKIRT the fears

jeweled neck crossover tank | 6689780   |   high waist banded skirt | 4694348   |   pebble texture cuff | 0500626   |  
shoes | ALDO

i just love the color combo, a bold one, but with any outfit you need to wear with confidence! its the best accessory anyone can wear! and i just love the soft oversized shirt as a cover up. Its a great way to play with you wardrobe and use garments in ways you never thought =]

originally, I had belted this outfit, but i'm so glad i took it off and took a 2nd round of pics. I didnt want to over do it with jewelry since the color blocking is bold and striking, so i kept the accessories at a minimum to highlight the colors and not distract, jumble or overwhelm the outfit. 

well, off to kick it with my peoples, have a goodnight, amazing day and always be
stylish and dressed to Express =]


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