November 18, 2011


oversized drape neck pullover sweater | 8323880   |    geometric pleaded long sleeve shirt | 8548280   |   extreme stretch stella jean legging | 7154608   |   organic metal bangles | 0500800   |   hammered metal bangles | 0500440    |    pearl bead stretch bracelet | in store only   |   push lock metallic clutch | 9804031

shoes |  Cynthia Vincent for Target

howdy doodley readers! sorry its been awhile since my last post. It's been pretty crazy week and with trying to coordinate with my friends who are modeling for me, I'm glad i finally get to post an outfit this week =]

I LOVE COLD WEATHER and what that means for me is layers!!!!! i love layering and for any great outfit, you gotta layer!  it takes time to know what works, but you just got to play around and trying things together, cause you may come up with a delightful surprise!!!!

Contrast is a great way to start off with your layering. Play with color, or style or fit of the garments. For this outfit, I love the contrast of the over-sized comfy casual nature of the drape neck sweater, with the tailored, pleated dress shirt underneath. throw on a leather jacket or coat, and you can be ready for  for an epic night with your friends, or just a casual date with your boy toy =p 
that way they have more fun peel the layers off *wink wink* haha jkjk

well off to make some lunch por me hermana y yo!
have a fun friday and a kick ass weekend kids!
stay stylish and always be dressed to Express =]


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