November 6, 2011

Its ok to be blue

 Sometimes people take casual wear way to serious when you're at work; lookin frumpy dumpy, like they just rolled outta bed and slapped some clothes on and drove to work. nuh uhh..... what are we here to do? dressed to Express =] so on your next casual fridays, wednesdays or whatever day it is, look chic, professional & COMFORTABLE!!!!! =]

bold colors are def a new trend this season, so on your next shopping trip try on a pair of vibrant colored pants =] Offset the bold color with a top that either compliments or enhances the striking color. 

For Amelia, the blue pants becomes the statement, so I picked pieces that would compliment color(blue). The gold and white pin stripe shirt and the silver accessories help create a harmonious color palette and ties everything together.  

When you get a little warm, just roll up the sleeves and throw on a bracelet to keep you looking cute, chic, savage and of above all, dressed to Express =]

stay stylish and always be what????
dressed to Express =] 



  1. The blue really stands out, cute outfit!

    Steph and Amber

  2. awww thanks ladies! cant't wait to see more outfits from you guys =]