November 1, 2011

star gazing

 Forget animal prints, new trend of print is in the stars =]  I was paroozing the world wide web and
I saw this picture of Kelly Rowland in a D & G chiffon star printed dress for Grazia magazine, I just fell in love. Kelly = love, long flowing starry dress = love, together = double love!

I'm so excited i get to post this outfit, cause I have been waiting forever to do something inspired by this dress. I just paired with with a sequin tank to just add a little shimmer and twinkle like stars do and gave her a neutral pair of pants so that the top becomes the statement. I picked silver jewelry and a nude clutch to just accentuate the color palette. 

Source | omkelly 

Then Britney for Harper's Bazaar

well I need to get ready for work, so papi can bring in the money!
stay stylish & always be dressed to Express =]

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1 comment:

  1. That's a cute top! We love the stars! Can't wait to read more, Brandon!

    Steph and Amber